Nature Is The Name Of The Game
I designed a logo for Israel Nature and Parks Authority online game systems. Design and illustration of  the logo as “travelled letters”  as if you travel on the letters like you travel in Israel: hiking or with your bicycle or via your car

I designed NogaPlus logo by illustrating a bridge between people which is the company's goal: Connecting successful business models with ecosystems in development. Innovation in Israel to improve business in Latin America

Urban Raven
I designed the Shiran Tal Jewelry logo inspired by her beautiful jewellery: geometric style and elegant designs. I designed a combination of an indirect raven and indirect ring or piece of jewellery by combining ascetically geometric shapes.
Leshem Yehud
A logo for Yoga and Judaism Center in the city Modiin. I designed and illustrated combination of a graphic language as Bible letters 
with yoga symbols. In addition added a movements of the letters stretched like Yoga movements. 

TV. it
Concept dashboard for kids TV shows showing data on their habits views and favourite shows in real time.The logo designed for kids users via an illustration of a cute chick as a brand character, a circled font with a little curvature and using the letter T as a frame. 

Local TLV
An application for young tourist in Tel Aviv.  I designed a combination of purple blue, light purple, dark red and light red in order to
express the urban, sophisticated people in Tel Aviv. I designed a combination of the letters Local and TLV via san-serif font in order to express urbanism.  

A logo designed for the public figure Shoshke Egelmayer. It includes the shoshke letters in Hebrew. 
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