IKEA Premium- Redesign
Re-Design, Branding and UI design of Ikea website. I designed the IKEA logo with more straight edges. I added a slogan that has two meanings: natural selection

I was inspired via the soft colors in the nature and when I designed the products composition. I thought how order can give a calm and elegant feeling for the user  

Redesign Ikea Website
I developed a brand new, more refined and well thought Ikea website. which is minimalist, modern, and simple.

Colors Selection
I choose light colors to maintain a premium user experience with calm and quiet colors
Ikea - Home page Design
Product Description

Responsive Product Page Design
Ikea - Product page Design
A clean way to communicate with Ikea products, refined and well thought. A minimal and clean design for the product page, puts emphasis on product quality and style.

Ikea - Product Gallery Design
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