Website Design - an online games system 
An online game system via Israel Nature and Parks Authority. I was asked to design and illustrated seven games system which will be online and needed to be played in the nature. This games system served as a service to the public on behalf of the Nature and Parks Authority of Israel.

I invented the name and the logo - “Nature is the name of the game” Design and illustration the logo as “travelled letters” as if you travel on the letters like you travel in Israel: hiking or with your bicycle or via your car
My inspiration for the illustrations was  The Nature and Parks Authority sites and the landscapes of Israel. 
​​​​​​​Birds Games system

Graphic Language and Icons 
I created graphic language and icons in order to maintain the nature feeling and to isolate each games system. 
The goal was to make it clear, simple and intuitive for the user. 
Illustrated Icons
Illustration of icons for each games system in order to divide into categories each games system.Using clean graphic language to make easier user experience.

Graphic Language development
When a user click on one game system icon on the game board, he entered a new game system which is referring to the icon he selected . Creation of a new graphic language for each game systems includes icons, cards, symbols and more. 

​​​​​​​Wildlife Games system 

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